| Tips For Trips

There are many interesting and exciting destinations for a day trip in our region.

Here is a short selection:

8 KM | City of Koblenz


Koblenz is one of the oldest cities in Germany. There are churches, castles and historic landmarks. A combination of modern townhomes with old historical buildings. In the historical centre there are old narrow streets and squares that invite you to take a walk or stay for a while in one of the cafes or bars and restaurants.

With the famous cable car you can take a breathtaking trip over the river Rhine up to the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein, the second largest remaining fortress in Europe.
Discover all the faces of the city at the rivers Rhine and Moselle.


www.koblenz-tourism.com (EN|DE)


12 KM | Waterpark Tauris


It's raining cats and dogs on the Holiday-Island? Then the public indoor water park "Tauris" in Muelheim-Kaerlich is a really good day trip location. There are funny watergames, an outdoorpool, sauna and more for you available.


www.tauris.net (DE)

17 KM Castle Stolzenfels


A few kilometers from Koblenz up the river Rhine, there is 

the castle Stolzenfels. It is an unbelievable masterpiece of prussian romantic architecture.

Come have a look!


www.schloss-stolzenfels.de (DE)

18 KM | Ehrenburg


The Ehrenburg is known as "the living castle", because on Sundays and public holidays you can experience it coming alive! Medivial life, with old craftmanships and games of the middle age accompanied by music from this century will be displayed. 


www.ehrenburg.de (DE|NL)

22 KM | Castle Eltz


The architecture is the castles main attraction: the eight towers, soaring up to 35 metres high, with oriels, old roofs, timber frame structures and turrets make it the "knights castle par excellence" (Georg Dehio). The castle is located in a unique setting: hidden in a side valley of the river Moselle, erected on a 70 m high rock, surrounded on three sides by the small river Eltzbach and set in the middle of a natural paradise, it is the only castle to evoke a true medieval vision.

www.burgeltz.de (DE|EN|NL)

24 KM | Geyser Andernach



Visiting the Geyser Centre is an expedition which offers you the opportunity to inform yourself about the natural phenomenon of the highest cold water geyser worldwide. You reach the Geyser Andernach with a short boat trip to the Namedyer Werth.


www.geysir-andernach.de (DE|EN)

25 KM | Zoo Neuwied


Visit the biggerst Zoo in Rhineland-Palatinate!
You can see monkeys, lions, crocodiles, seals, penguins, camels and many many more. Children will have fun in the petting zoo.


www.zoo-neuwied.de (DE)

25 KM | Lava Dome


Lava-Dome in Mendig – an extraordinary world of experiences.
The Lava Domes exhibition area has a size of 700m².

You can see an impressing variety of colours which refer to the world of the volcanos. “The World of the Volcanos”, “The Volcano Studio” and “The Time of the Volcanos” are the three main attraction areas.


www.lava-dome.de (DE|EN|NL)

45 KM | Wildlife Park


Attractions, emotions, nature and thrills for the whole Family. Enjoy an exiting day in free nature with lots of fun  on an area of more than 300.000 m². You can see a lot of wildlife animals and also enjoy a rollercoaster and a wild water course. Fun for the whole family!


www.klotti.de (DE|EN|NL)