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Our camping ground closes on the 04.10.2021 for wintertime.


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Ferieninsel Camping & Restaurant

Inselweg 10 |  D-56333 Winningen

Tel. (click to call):

+49 26 06 18 00

email: info[at]camping-winningen.de

The river moselle, the wine - your vacation!

Even the Romans appreciated the mild and sunny climate at one of the most beautiful rivers in Germany: the Moselle river. Just here in a really wonderful landscape between vineyards and the green forests is our campsite located in Winningen - your "Resort-Island" or in German: "Ferieninsel".


It is a beautiful place for water sports. Winningens public open air swimming pool is only a 5 minute walk away. Nearby is a jet ski and water ski lane where you can go fishing and boating. You will find a lot of trails in the nearby forests were you can enjoy the beautiful Eifel and Hunsrueck.


Our campsite is easy to reach. The highways A48 and A61 near Koblenz are just around the corner.

With the proximity of Koblenz there are plenty of opportunities for day tours and other vacation activities.